Sunday, 18 March 2018

Launch of the Unstoppable Web-Site
Last night saw the launch of the Unstoppable Coach web-site. I had been taking my time on releasing the site as I wanted to be sure that there would be enough interest in the Unstoppable Journey to sustain the site.
At the end of the day I reckoned that with one live event here in Dubai already getting good feedback and the second one on the horizon, March 31st in Abu Dhabi it was time to go live!!
I have intentionally kept the site simple, I am not one to clutter up my client’s minds and take up their precious time with long winded explanations. Therefor the site is no frills information about The Journey and how anyone can come on board and take part, first of all in the 9 Day Just For Today journey to find out if they wish to go further and commit to the actual Unstoppable Journey.
I will occasionally be updating the site and will be more than likely incorporating this Blog Post into the site also.
Exciting times ahead, but I will remain focused on providing the best service that I am capable of for all my Unstoppable clients.
So, it only remains to add the link to the website and you are all set to pay me a visit, don’t forget the leave a message and get in touch with me even if you only want a quick chat to see if the journey would be for you.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Hello and Welcome to Everyone,

Today as mentioned in my previous blog I am going to give you a brief background on the history behind the Unstoppable Journey.

The Journey did not just come out of thin air, it is adapted from listening to and reading up on Mentors from another century and this millennium too.

The gentlemen mentioned here, namely Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor all have one thing in common. The central point linking all of these mind - set coaches really goes back to Napoleon Hills basic text called Think and Grow Rich, which was initially aimed at teaching people how to get and hold onto financial riches. But it was found that when applying these principles to other areas of your life it will also produce the same result. For example they could be applied to Health, Relationships (Personal, Family, Friends. Work Associates)

These gentlemen all had the belief and theory that everything starts with the control of your own thoughts. It’s a fact that the only thing any person has total control over is their thoughts.

This is one of Napoleon Hills quotes “Whatever the Mind can Conceive and Believe it can Achieve”.

Of course, there is more to it than just reading a book or two on self-improvement. There has to be a definite path to follow and targets to achieve along the way.

That is where the idea for the Unstoppable Journey came from, but what I wanted to do was produce a simple step by step program that anyone could follow and achieve their particular target. Whether it be realizing that they could free themselves up from something that was holding them back or build upon what they already had.

Therefore, with the help of my mentors I worked upon producing such a guide, a “Design for Living” if you wish.

To make it even simpler I devised a mini 9 Day Journey to allow everyone who was interested to come on board and find out if they really had the appetite to take on the full “Unstoppable Journey”.

Hopefully this has explained the thinking behind the Journey.

Till the next time, may your God go with you and be Unstoppable.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back

A lot has happened since my last Blog with regards to “The Unstoppable Journey”.

The very 1st Live event for the Unstoppable Coach ™ took place in Dubai on February 24th and was held at the campus of The University of Strathclyde.

I introduced the attendees to the 9 Day Just Do It Today Programme and gave them a break down on how they can free themselves up from what is blocking them from moving forward in their private and professional lives.

The feedback from the attendees was fantastic and inspiring. The University has asked me if I would be able to take the “Journey” to their other locations in the Middle East.

Next up was the J.T. Foxx event here in Dubai on the 27th February. As I am already being mentored by JT and his coaches I was attending the event to help out with the delivery. There were over 900 people in attendance for this Mega Speaker event. The highlight of the day for me was giving a short presentation to the attendees. I spoke about my Journey so far and hit upon the Unstoppable Journey. This was a great opportunity for me to also express my gratitude to my mentors.

Remember that having a mentor is key to moving forward in any venture that you choose to participate in.

So, moving forward, I am already speaking with major event organizers here in the Dubai with a view to getting a spot on their platform at future events which they will be hosting throughout 2018.

I will also be releasing regular videos on the Unstoppable Coach Facebook (LINK) page to enable everyone to keep up to speed with developments related to how to get started on your own Unstoppable Journey.

That was just a quick catch up of what has been going on.

Going forward with my Blog I am going to be moving into different areas of interest. I will be featuring more in-depth details of where the Unstoppable Journey originated and looking at past masters of inspiration and motivation.

Till then Be Unstoppable and may your God go with you..

Monday, 5 February 2018

Hello Again Everyone

Welcome back and hello to new readers. Today I will be speaking about a subject which has been coming up in quite a few conversations that I have been having with people of different ages and different ethnic backgrounds across various industries.

The subject in the limelight is apprenticeships. All through the ages this form of training has been in operation in all walks of life and in every business set-up. It may not have been known as apprenticeships in some industries but in essence it is a period of time in which someone who is brand new to the work that they have chosen (or maybe the only work available to them) gets introduced to the basics and is made aware of the skill-set development required to master that skill and undertakes a training period to achieve those skill sets.

There are many forms of the apprenticeship, for example, a refrigeration engineering apprentice will have to serve a 3 to 4-year apprenticeship or in my case it was 5 years. During this period his salary will increment up through the grades and he will possibly end up being on a six-month approvers rate at the end of this period. Granted, most of these apprenticeships were based in what is referred to as the tradesmen industries, Engineering, Building, Tailoring, maybe even doctors and nursing could sneak in here. They were though essentially manual labor type industries.

The question which is now coming into play is, where have all the apprenticeships gone? We are losing skill-sets at an alarming rate. This piece from the UK paper The Guardian (Jan 2018) stated that:

“The number starting apprenticeships dropped to 114,000 between August and October, down from 155,700 in the same period in 2016. That followed a 59% drop in the previous three months after the introduction of the apprenticeship levy in April last year.”

One of reasons given for this is that “Verity Davidge, head of education and skills policy at EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, said: “Today’s figures should act as a wake-up call to government which has failed to act on industry’s growing concerns around the apprenticeship levy.”

“This worrying trend is not just hampering employers’ ability to get the skills their business needs, it is taking away invaluable opportunities for the next generation to undertake training and secure a future job. It is clear the apprenticeship levy and wider reforms aren’t working and need a radical rethink.”

This article is referring to apprenticeships in the U.K. How is your country being affected?

Do you think that it should be the government’s responsibility to fund apprenticeships?

Personally, I think that the private sector would be better taking control of their own destiny in this case before there will be no master craftsmen around to carry on passing down their knowledge.

In my next blog I am going to go into this subject from a historical viewpoint, till then be well and may your God go With You

The Unstoppable Coach ™
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Sunday, 14 January 2018


Hello Again Friends,
Welcome back to the Unstoppable Coach blog. Since it is New Year, this is a blog with a twist to it.
Have you made any resolutions for the New Year? I have only made one resolution for 2018. But first I would like to pass on a suggestion that has helped me enormously.

If you take the time to understand what words really mean, you will enrich your life to no end. At the start of my Unstoppable Journey my mentor told me to buy a Dictionary/Thesaurus and when I did not understand any word that I came across I was to look it up. I have cultivated this habit and put it into action every time it is required to do so.

A good vocabulary is essential if you are serious about getting ahead in any walk of life. Words really do carry Power. Just take a look around at todays social media networks, everyone is trying to get each other’s attention through using words. You are reading this blog!

Okay, back to the resolution thing.
The word Resolution comes from Resolute and the Oxford dictionary definition of Resolute is as follows: purposeful, determined, and unwavering.

Therefore, if you did make any New Year Resolutions then you must be prepared to follow them through as described in the above definition.
As I already mentioned I have only made one resolution and it is, the removal of people with negative attitudes from my life.

How, you may ask can I do this? That’s easy, I just make sure that I avoid them at all costs. You will know the ones that are not genuinely in need of help.

They are the ones that call you up to moan about their daily drudgery. And end up gossiping about someone else. They should be avoided at all cost.

A friend of mine has taken it a step further and deleted all these types of people from his contact list on his mobile and diverted all of their mail to his junk folder!

Once you have figured out who they are and eliminated from your circle of contacts you will have re-claimed your time and can put it to a more useful and positive purpose.

Speaking about using your time positively I have 5 suggestions that will help you reduce any stress you may be coming up against in your daily journey. Please give them a try and let me know how you get on.

1.      Plan out your day the previous night.

2.      Start the day by focusing on your most important task

3.      Take some rest breaks during the day.

4.      If you come across a difficult situation, talk it over with someone.

5.      Look for lessons in every situation, no matter if they have good or bad outcomes

That’s it about it for this blog, however in the future I will be taking a look at successful people and investigating their stories. I will be uncovering and discovering what were the main motivational drivers behind them that led to them becoming successful and more importantly holding onto what they have accomplished.

Till the next time, take it easy and may your God go with you.

Be Unstoppable

Sunday, 7 January 2018


Hello to new readers and welcome back to my regulars.

Todays blog will be slightly different from the usual although you will find the message the same.

Last month I attended a Property Mastermind session of which I am a member.

I am part of a group of property investors who meet up on a regular basis to discuss our journeys in the property market. The objective of the mastermind is to feely share information with each other and out of the sharing naturally comes the development of relationships, partnerships and knowledge transfer to the benefit of all members in the mastermind.

The mastermind principle is not a new concept as most of you will have probably know about it and in fact you have most likely been involved in one in some shape or form.

Let’s get back to the weekend. This was a special get together due to the fact that we had a couple of important guests who had kindly agreed to come to Dubai to take part in and offer their experience and advice where they could on some of the challenges that the members of the group have been encountering over the past 6 months or so.

Victoria and Mike Stenhouse are a young couple from the U.K. who have systematically morphed from being employed in the corporate world to building up a property company of their own. Here is the link to the website

The above couple of lines were easy for me to write but their journey has been anything but easy. I will cover their full story possibly in the future if they agree to allow me to.

What I can say is that this was the first time that I had met them, although through my wife Mandy, I had been introduced to Mike’s property podcast and had become a regular listener.

One of the attributes which came through was their consistency and laser like focus that they have on achieving further success but at the same time the willingness to genuinely share their journey’s upsides and downsides with others. These are 2 of the main attributes which are essential to anyone looking to become successful in any walk of life.

Over the weekend the group format was to share where each of the group members were on their property journey and to set achievable targets for 2018. Another principle of the mastermind is for the other members of the group to come in and offer suggestions or share experiences that they may have heard about in respect to anything which may you be encountering and holding you up on your journey.

From the Unstoppable Journey point of interest, it was good to observe the different natures and characters of the participants. This allowed me to put into practice some of the attributes which become second nature as you move through the Journey.

That’s it for now, next blog will follow in a couple of days and I will have a major exciting new announcement for an upcoming event in 2018.

Till then, May Your God go With You.

Monday, 4 December 2017


Hello Friends,
Do you want to find out how to make changes in your life that will let you be free from the sense of fear which is holding you back from making a move forward towards fulfilling your dreams?
Do you wake up with great plans for the day ahead and before you are into the first hour of the day you find that the same anxieties and worries about what the day ahead holds cover you like an old blanket?
Are you feeling as though every day is Groundhog Day?
I Have the Solution, Allow Me to Share It With You
Let’s get you up to speed with what you should be considering doing to get into action and discover a new way of living in a positive frame of mind on a daily basis.
On a previous Blog, July 29th, I showed you a preview of the Unstoppable Journey 9 Day program. So, let’s get back to the beginning and get you started again.
Plans for the next day actually begin the evening before.
Here are some tips that you must start to introduce into your daily routine. One of my mentors emphasized to me that I should never take TOMMOROW to bed with me that night.
How can you achieve this? Start with using the few tips below before retiring at night
1.     If you have any important things that you know you have do the following day then write them down, then arrange them in order of their importance, then forget them! But the key to this is you must complete your list before 9pm.
2.     Set aside 15 minutes of your time every evening, sit in a quiet space, preferably a dark room. Relax your mind and think of all the Positive Things that you achieved during the day. This should be done after you have written out the list mentioned above.
3.     If you don’t have a daily Journal/Diary then Start One Now and the very last thing you do before closing your eyes you will write down everything that you were Grateful for during the day.

Upon Awakening
When you wake up in the morning and I suggest that you should make a habit of starting to get up early, this will allow you some Quiet Time to start the morning, it’s a good idea to set aside 15 to 20 minutes for some meditation (If you haven’t tried this ever then now is a good opportunity to start. There are a few Apps available, the one I have used is called Headspace). Then allow another 15/20 minutes in which you will review the list which you completed the previous night and take a look to see if the items on the list are still as important? Also, some new ideas on how you will go about completing some of the tasks may come to you after having a night of rest.
Also write down any new ideas that come into your thinking, they may not even apply to the items on the list. But remember that you will always build your dreams upon Ideas that come through to you.
Okay that’s you all set to have breakfast and get started on the day ahead with a Positive Attitude and remember don’t beat yourself up if you do not manage to complete all the stuff on your list. It’s always about Progress not Perfection.
Remember that you are on an Unstoppable Journey!!
Till the next time, may your God go with you, be safe.

Launch of the Unstoppable Web-Site Last night saw the launch of the Unstoppable Coach web-site. I had been taking my time on re...