Friday, 7 July 2017

The Unstoppable Journey


Your Introduction to WJ Peden Mr. Unstoppable

Having Trouble Attaining and Retaining Your Wealth?

Hello everyone, I trust that if you are reading this, my 2nd Blog, there must have been something of interest which appealed to you from yesterday’s post. I certainly hope so as I am passionate about sharing the life changing Unstoppable Life Journey with you.

I will be giving away FREE the 1st part of the initial 9 Day Journey of Discovery at the end of my next blog. 

A bit more about myself, and from now on you can refer to me as WJ or Mr. Unstoppable!!
I was born in Scotland, spent my formative years in the United States, moved back to Scotland, finished my education, completed an engineering apprenticeship in 1978 and have been travelling the planet ever since. Currently I am calling the United Arab Emirates my home and have been living here for the past 14 years, but even that time has been spent in 3 different Emirates!
As I mentioned previously I have been working with clients on a one to one coaching type basis for over 18 years and have been refining the Unstoppable Program over that period of time.
Okay so what can this journey do for you? That’s a great question and one which I am about to answer. It’s all about effecting a change within you which will allow you to become comfortable with creating, increasing and retaining any type of wealth you choose.

                                                  Why is the program called Unstoppable?  
Well ask yourself this question. How many times have you had what you thought was a great business or wealth creation idea? One that could not fail. You think it through, you develop the business plan and the plan of action/marketing required to launch your new enterprise. You may even have secured the necessary capital investment. Then usually something like this may happen:

You unveil your plans to family and friends. Most of them are delighted that you are going to start this new venture, but there are always one or two who start ask questions. Do you think you can pull this off then? So and So from down the street tried this only last year and he failed, he has more business sense than you, what makes you think you can succeed?

Undeterred, you carry on and get the business off the ground, up and running. Then you hit a few problems and the business is not going quite as you planned it should. It may be nothing too serious to begin with but I can guarantee you that the voices of the one or two who doubted you at outset will come rushing into your brain. Not only the initial seeds of doubts that they planted there. Now the voices you hear are saying “Told you so didn’t we”? “Loser, what makes you think that you are better than us”? You see, from the outset you had let the initial comments from the few get embedded in your sub-conscious, even though you may never have realised it. What happens next?

You Will Stop!

Now Its Time Join Me on the Unstoppable Program!

The Unstoppable in the title refers to the one thing which everyone requires in order to achieve their own personal goals and that is Persistence. But although persistence is one of the most essential attributes required, it is not sufficient by itself to guarantee success.

Allow me to help by taking you on this journey to transform your mindset from a point where you are failing to accumulate and retain wealth to the point where it will become second nature to you.

In my next blog, I will explain even more about the Unstoppable “Just Do It Today” Journey.

I will be giving away Day One of the Journey for FREE!

So, until then have a good life, may the God of your understanding go with you and remember most of all, that when you decide to come on this journey you too, like me will become


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